Rope access solutions

We identify your problems at height, and give our power and energy to solutions.

Over 1000 projects successfully completed

At present, we are a global player focused on Construction, Wind Energy and Oil & Gas Industry.

IRATA internationaloperator & trainer

IRATA is the sole global trade association in the work-at-height sector and the leading worldwide organization for Rope Access with member companies in every continent.

dedicated training centre

We provide Rope Access training for IRATA certificación and ACT-SAFE Power Ascender,  using state-of-the-art facilities, a 60m high dock crane framework, which is a period piece of the Bilbao Maritime Museum, located at the heart of the Bilbao.
Asaken is Act-Safe official distributor



Technical team supported by an engineering department with 10 years of experience

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”

Henry Ford

LATCHWAYS certified installer

ASAKEN is a LATCHWAYS systems certificate installer
providing all types of  fall arrest solutions, engineering & design for all kind of buildings, structures and environments.



offshore specialized rope access team

We provide all kind of Rope Access services for offshore industry, according with the highest standards of security and quality 

wind turbines maintenance

We provide full maintenance of external parts of the turbine, from blade repair to tower cleaning. We use rope access techniques saving lots of time and cost.

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