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Rope Access” describes a variety of advanced access techniques where ropes and specialized equipment are used as the primary method for providing access and support to workers in their jobs at high or hard-to-reach places.

We started working at heights 15 years ago, when a few workers coming from different backgrounds and companies ranging from speleologists to mountaineers and climbers joined together to create a custom-made company adapted to our needs. We created Asaken to put Rope Access works and industrial climbing in the place it deserves on the market, getting rid of precarious conditions and aiming for security, quality and continuous improvement.

In order to achieve this challenge, we choose the best suppliers, get the best materials available and continuously invest in our people training and development to meet the most strict accreditations thereby proving our excellence level.

At present, we have become a point of reference at providing professional rope access services worldwide thanks to the experienced team of technicians and engineers capable of solving the most difficult problems at height. and now form a full-service work-at-height solutions based company, specialized in difficult access solutions and creative problem solving to all your access challenges at height.

Personnel were profesional, very accommodating and flexible in terms of working hours, also deal with any issues. Always worked to get around problems and find solutions...

...everything ran very well.”

Nigel McCoy, operations engineer at Wind Prospect
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